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The answer to the above is simple really, we make big consistent profits, but I will break it down a little more than that below.


Because Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport, the betting lines are often set so as such that you can make a big profit, if you know what fights to pick and where the value/probability lies. The oddsmakers in MMA happen to be way less accurate than almost any other sports betting line because of the 'newness' of the sport, and the variables involved in it.

One example of this would be the light heavyweight fight between Luke Rockhold and Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz was a pretty heavy underdog in that fight but even after extensive research, we couldn't see why the odds were set so far apart, in fact, we favored Blachowicz. Rockhold was moving up in weight, his chin seemed to had diminished greatly at 185lbs and he was now moving up a huge 20lbs to fight bigger guys. We decided to back the powerful Blachowicz and in the second round, he knocked out Luke Rockhold and cashed us a very healthy profit.

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These opportunities happen more than any other sport and can be lucratively capitalized on if you know what you are looking for. 

*There are many, many more reasons why MMA specifically can be a profitable sport to bet on, which I have mentioned in various article posts. This page is about why you should join us though, so ill keep it short here to keep on topic.



We don't analyze mixed martial arts for fun, on the side, or because we like watching fights.


Although we absolutely LOVE the sport of MMA, we really only do this to make long term consistent profit.

For this reason, you won't find us betting with our hearts or betting on every popular fight unless we are supremely confident in our selections. 

We are not the average fan who knows quite a bit about MMA and decides to sell their picks. We have been in the betting sphere for over 10 years and have gone through many failed systems and betting strategies until we finally developed one that yields long term profits.


Since we decided to start releasing our picks to the public, all of them have been recorded and third party tracked on the website, so they can be easily verified and legitimized.

We know that the online betting world can be full of scams, fake sites, and inconsistent results. We make a point to show ALL of our picks, every win & loss, and pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.

We have nothing to hide as our system is a winning system.

Our track record yields a very healthy WIN ratio and has profited extremely handsomely since we started offering our insights to the public.

Check out our results page to view a full record of all of our previous selections and results.

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