The Lucrative MMA betting system is by far the most comprehensive and profitable combat sports betting system available online today.

We can say that with great confidence because we have recorded and tracked results to back us up.


At the time of this writing, we have consistently stayed around the 35%+ ROI (return on investment) mark, which is an astronomical number for even the best of professional gamblers in the world.


A simple google search of "what is a good ROI in sports betting" or even "what is a good ROI for a stock market investor" and you will see for yourself the level we are operating at.

Most of the legit, profitable tipster services, some who are charging $500+ per month, usually work around the 2-15% ROI mark, which is not even close to our results.

ALL of our MMA picks can be tracked on the most reputable third-party MMA betting tracking website in the world; BetMMA.tips. You can view our results there, by clicking this link.

The above link does not include our boxing plays though, as BetMMA.tips is purely an MMA tracking website.

Though MMA is by far our most profitable sport and accounts for 90% of the bets we make, we still have huge success on our boxing selections as well, particularly when there is a break in MMA action.


A google doc spreadsheet containing ALL of our plays, Boxing and MMA, since we started offering them to the public, can be found by clicking here, or simply by viewing the embedded spreadsheet below.

If you want to start earning real money from combat sports betting, sign up with the verified and proven Lucrative MMA System.

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Below is a spreadsheet of all of our results since the inception of the Lucrative MMA system

For a more detailed view of our results click here

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