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How I Started Earning a Living From MMA Betting

Updated: Feb 12

This is my first ever blog post on Lucrative MMA Betting. In fact, it's the first blog post I have written, on any subject, or any website, ever.

I am not your typical blogger, meaning I don't do this for fun, or as a way to make money. I make my money through betting on Mixed Martial Arts online.

The reason for this blog post is to share a bit of my story of how I got to be in this position, where I make large amounts of money online from betting on MMA, and why I decided to start helping people do the same. If you stay and read this until the end, you will learn how I went from losing huge amounts of money betting on football, to earning over 30k in under 6 months betting on MMA, and exactly how I help people do the same.

For as long as I can remember, I have been around gambling. I grew up in a family where my grandad and dad both owned greyhounds (these are the dogs that you see running around a racetrack chasing a little mechanical hare). So from a very young age, I'm talking 5-6 years old, most weekends I would be at the racetrack watching greyhounds run and people bet hundreds of thousands trying to predict the winner. My grandad was one of these people, he not only bet on greyhound races but almost every sport imaginable. I have vivid memories of being around my grandparents' house and seeing piles of paper betting slips on the front room coffee table, next to my grandads' glass of whiskey, while he watched the TV in hopes of "copping" a bet (winning a bet), as he called it.

My Grandad would bet on Golf, Snooker, Rugby, Football (Soccer), Greyhound Racing, you name it. But his real interest was Horse Racing. He was a huge horse racing gambler and he often told me stories of the amount of money he used to win, and lose, betting on horses. He would periodically tell me why betting was stupid, how he had lost hundreds of thousands doing it and how I should never bet, then the next minute he would be asking me who I thought was going to win the 3:35 at Cheltenham and telling me tips and tricks on how to tell if a horse was fit before a race, so I could win money betting on it.

It was a confusing dynamic, and you may think that the stories of my grandad's losses would deter me from betting myself, but instead, they drove me directly TO betting. I wasn't so interested in the stories of the losses as opposed to the stories of the wins. He used to give me his winning betting slips to collect from the betting shop on the high street, and walking back to my grandparents' house with £700 in my pocket as a teenager was a massive buzz. Even as a child I would pick out random numbers in a dog race and my nan or grandad would put a £1 bet on that number for me, then give me the betting slip so I could watch the race and cheer that specific dog on. I would get a real "winning high" if it won, similar to how I felt years later when I would collect my grandad's winning betting slips. With all these reference experiences during my childhood and teenage years, there was no way I wasn't going to become a gambler and try to re-create that "winning high" for myself, and that's exactly what happened.

When I was around 15/16 years old I started betting with my own money consistently, mainly on football (soccer) because that's the sport I loved at the time. The only issue was that gambling in England, my home country, was, and is illegal for anybody under the age of 18. This didn't stop me of course, I would do anything I could to place my bets. This included 'trying my luck' in many different shops just hoping the cashiers wouldn't ask for my I.D, asking friends or family to put the bets on for me, going to betting shops with my over-age friends I.D's, pretending I was them. I even asked random adults on the street to go inside the betting shop and place my bets for me. Luckily for me, I rarely had an issue placing the bets myself because I was pretty well known in one specific betting shop (which I won't name) because of who my grandad was, most of the workers knew me from being in the betting shop with him, even when I was underage, and thus I rarely had to show any identification when placing a bet here.

I went through many ups and downs during the start of my solo betting journey, winning streaks and losing streaks, borrowing money from someone to place bets, borrowing more from a second person to try and the win money back I had lost using the money I had borrowed from the first person! It was a mess. When I think back to these times, there was no real consistency with my wins and losses and I probably broke about even with my win/loss ratio overall, maybe losing slightly more often.

The day my betting career came to a (temporary) halt was when I was around the age of 18, I had been winning quite a bit of money on football but at the time I had no idea about bankroll management, I don't even think I had heard the term. I decided to put all the money I had (about £1000) on a team to win (I don't remember which team it was now), they won and I went to the bookmakers and collected £1700. I had an intense high when I was going to collect my money, the same buzz I felt when I was a teenager collecting my grandad's' winning bets. I had finally done it, I had re-created that high for myself, with my own money, and in my eyes, I had cracked the code to becoming a winning bettor.

Of course, this is what many gamblers go through when they have a relatively big win, and I became addicted to that feeling. Betting £100 on a football match was not enough anymore, I had just won almost two thousand pounds with one bet, how could I win £50 on my next one?

After this, I made a decision that completely changed my betting career forever. I tried to replicate my £1700 win by putting ALL of the money I had just won, on another football bet - Arsenal to win.

Arsenal drew 1-1, and I lost £1700 that day. It completely tore me to shreds, I went into an intense rage when the final whistle of the match blew and I started smashing things all over my house, I tried to rip the T-shirt off my chest, I bit my knuckles, punched the wall, it was ugly, and I was devastated.

After that loss, I had no more money to bet with, to be honest, I don't think I would have bet even if I did. I was completely defeated and I couldn't believe that I had made such a stupid move, I was working a generic 9-5 job and I had thrown away the same amount of money in 90 minutes, that would take me about 3 months to earn in savings. My betting days were over forever, I said to myself.

To my credit, I stuck with this for quite some time, seeing as though I was a gambler at heart. I probably didn't bet again for almost 2 whole years, and boy was it hard, especially in the first few weeks/months. But I always reminded myself of the pain I felt when that final whistle blew, and that was enough to keep me away from betting for the next couple of years.

Around 20 years old, I started to get heavily invested into Mixed Martial Arts, I was always into boxing, but not so much MMA. I began getting very close to one of my childhood friends who happened to have trained in MMA for four years and he told me to check out this "crazy Irish guy" called Conor McGregor because he thought I would like him. This was in 2015, before McGregors interim featherweight title fight with Chad Mendes, and he was completely unknown to anybody outside of MMA at this point. I started watching some of McGregors interviews and found him very entertaining, then I watched some of his fights, I found them very entertaining too. I suddenly found myself spending hours per day watching old random MMA fights as well as build-ups and promos of the upcoming UFC bouts. Around this time I also started watching a UK boxing youtube channel called IFL TV and before I knew it, I was spending so much time watching MMA and boxing content that I stopped watching any other sport, including football, the sport I had grown up with and adored as a child. In fact, I stopped consuming any piece of content about anything other than combat sports. I wouldn't read any books, watch any movies, or listen to any audio if it wasn't to do with fighting. I had completely fallen in love with combat sports, especially MMA.

This was the start of my venture back into sports betting. I started small, betting on random fights - £10 here, £20 there. I would win some and lose some, just like my football betting days. But I would always keep my stakes low because I still remembered the pain of the Arsenal loss. Until Conor McGregor fought Jose Aldo. I was very high on Conor McGregor, after all, he was the fighter who made me love MMA. It was the first time I felt I had a good read on a fight, and I felt Conor would be too elusive and too sharp for the then featherweight king, not to mention how 'in Aldo's head' Conor obviously was. So I made a huge decision at the time, I decided to break my rule, and do what I vowed never to do again, and I bet all my savings, £500 at the time, on Conor McGregor to win. I stayed up until 5 AM to watch that fight, I was so excited. Just before the start of the fight, my heart was beating like crazy, it was a familiar feeling that I had felt many times during my football betting days. Conor came out in the first round 'relaxed and smiling' to quote Joe Rogan, and Aldo looked tense and nervous. Conor knocked out Jose Aldo 13 seconds into the fight, and shockwaves were sent around the sporting world, and in the very same moment, the gambler inside me had risen from the dead, we were back in business, I had doubled my money in 13 seconds, and the course of my life was about to change forever.

Over the next 4 years, I would regularly bet on MMA, and again, just like deja vu, my wins and losses would fluctuate and I would always break about even, just the same as my football betting days. I went through periods where I lost A LOT of money betting on MMA, and for three years this never changed, but at the end of 2018, after 10+ years of sports betting and into my 4th year of betting on MMA, things began to change for me. I started losing much more infrequently, an instead profiting on most fight cards. My winning streaks would last much longer, and even the fights I didn't bet on, I could correctly predict winners. Once I started winning more and more on MMA, I noticed I was getting better and better at reading matchups. I would make solid pre-fight predictions on not only who would be the winner, but exactly how the fight would play out. This enabled me to make lots of money on prop bets as well as just straight win bets.

I decided I should start to keep a log of all my wins and losses. Throughout this time, I started reading books and articles on how to make a profit on sports betting, I listened to hours and hours of audio and video of how successful professional gamblers had made their money and I dove even deeper into combat sports and MMA in particular. I had trained Muay Thai on and off for a few years but I really dedicated myself in 2018/19 and ended up having my first amateur fight. I'm not saying this had a huge effect on my ability to predict fights but it certainly helped, I was able to read potential match ups much better after spending so many hours sparring, and then fighting myself, it was just another tool in my arsenal.

I went on a crazy win streak in 2019 and when I held an ROI (return on investment) of around 30% for a consistent amount of time (almost a year), I knew I was a level above most of the tipsters and professional gamblers out there, especially the ones betting on MMA. Of all of the books and articles I had read up to this point, I was earning more profits, had a higher ROI and higher bank growth than all of them.

During the period of my winning consistently, I was regularly limited from many online betting sites, which is another article for another day. When this became a regular occurrence, I decided to start my own tipster service. I wish I had a betting mentor when I first started at age 15 as it would have saved me tens of thousands of pounds, not to mention many many years of stress. I knew I could be that mentor for people and help them make real money from combat sports betting, I had established a legitimate system, all they had to do was follow my picks.

In October of 2019, I started the Lucrative MMA Betting system, and boy has it been a success, as of writing this blog post our record is a 61.84% win ratio, an ROI of 39.76% and a 102.22 unit profit for a bank growth of over 100%, this has all been done in just over 3 months. These numbers are astronomical, and most people reading this will not believe me. Luckily, all my MMA picks are third party tracked and the link for that can be found on the 'our results' page of my website. The boxing is untracked but as our MMA picks make up 95% of all of our picks, it doesn't make much of a difference to the above numbers.

Just to put this in context, an acceptable ROI for a professional gambler is anywhere between 2-10%, so even if we drop our ROI by half, we are still going to be among the best tipsters in the history of sports betting - and I'm not just saying that for effect, it's the truth.

With numbers like these, and a track record to prove it, my client base has shot through the roof recently and every day I get heaps of emails and DM's from people wanting to join up as members.

If anybody reading this is thinking that they too would like to become a professional sports bettor and start earning some tax-free money from their mobile phone/laptop, then you can apply to join my system. The prices are extremely low at the moment, they work out to less than $25 a week. But with the huge demand, I may raise these prices soon. If you want to become a member where you can win money and personally learn from me, you can click here to be directed to the member's page of my website. If not, I still wish you the best of luck continuing to bet by yourself, ultimately I want everyone to beat the bookies, so if you are currently doing that own your own, great! If not, I'd be happy to help you profit with me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog post,


Lucrative MMA.


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